Truco Blyts

Play the most acclaimed Truco game for mobile devices!

Truco is a well-known card game. Originated in Spain and very popular in Latin America, the game is based on lying and deceiving your opponents to make the most of your cards

More than 15 million total downloads!

More than 10 million registered users worldwide!

Play with your friends or make new friends around the world. Start at the very base and climb up to be at the top of the ranking. Play and chat with new Truqueros and Truqueras!


  • Original National Tour, splitting Argentina into 6 tournament regions.
  • More than 180 virtual players with different personalities and game strategies, including each one's funny background details.
  • 2 vs 2 online mode!
  • Make signs to your partners to let them know your cards
  • Amazing AI features.
  • Faster multiplayer mode.
  • Play online tournaments all day round.
  • Create your own tournaments and invite your friends.
  • Global Chat: Meet players from around the world!


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